The company focuses on the production of powder metallurgy parts from powders based on iron, bronze and copper. At its own facilities, the enterprise produces large batches of structural, electrical and general industrial parts. Production capacity is up to 800,000 parts per month. Fields of application: automobile manufacturing, machine tool manufacturing, instrument manufacturing, electrical engineering, agricultural engineering, and railway transport.
The technical potential of the enterprise is a park of press equipment with a capacity of 100, 160, 400 tons. Muffle furnace for sintering with a protective atmosphere.
Thermodiffusion galvanizing zone. Mechanical department for processing parts and manufacturing press tools, equipped with milling, turning, grinding, sharpening, drilling, threading machines and auxiliary equipment. Section of industrial washing and packing of parts. Electrical engineering laboratory.


Establishment of the company

The company POWMET was founded under the name LLC "MP Perspektiva" in 1990 in the city of Brovary, Kyiv region.

Main specialization: shaped parts from powder anti-friction materials, friction linings, parts from powder anti-friction materials.


Increase in production potential

Repair and modernization of powder presses of domestic and foreign production. Start of deliveries to customers in Western, Eastern Europe and Australia.


Office in Europe

German office established. Supply of sintered parts to German automotive and engineering companies.



Development and production of new furnaces for thermodiffusion galvanizing. Effective corrosion protection of sintered parts for the supply of MAN.


Початок виробництва нових деталей

Start of production of new parts


A new page in the company's history

The company was bought out and introduced under the new name POWMET. Work was carried out on updating equipment and increasing production capacity. The process of manufacturing sintered parts has been revised. The search for new mixtures to improve product characteristics and reach a new level of production. Search for new partners in Europe.



Production of typical parts and to order

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Overview of the process of manufacturing sintered parts and additional services

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List of materials on the basis of which we manufacture parts

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The scientific potential of our company is a team of professionals with 40 years of experience in the field of powder metallurgy. The company's design bureau performs a full range of work from the idea to the trial batch of parts. This includes the development of design documentation for parts, technical documentation for molds, dies and auxiliary tools. Selection of materials from existing recipes and development of new compositions of metal powders. Design supervision of the production of equipment and experimental batch of parts. We use AutoCAD and Solidworx to design parts and tools.
Over the years of existence, we have mastered the production of more than five hundred parts of various purposes from various metal powders and compositions. The company's technical capabilities for the production of powder metallurgy parts are up to 800,000 units per month.


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