• Engine

    Sprockets, pulleys, clamps, bearing caps, sensors, couplings.

  • Timing

    Cams, pulleys, pinions, sensors, spacers, regulation forks, tensioners, rocker arms. 

  • VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing with intelligence)

    Rotors, stators, pulleys, plates, couplings, spacers.

  • Transmission

    Levers, forks, gears, plates, rings and rotors for CVT systems, stoppers. For large components, the Press-Hardening heat treatment allows very hard steels to be formed with minimal dimensional distortion.

  • Transfer case

    Pulleys, sprockets, hubs, carriers, couplings, cams, levers, pump plates and gerotors.

  • Brakes

    Rotors, plates, couplings and shoes for servo brake pumps, racks, regulation gears, hubs, ABS sensors.

  • Steering

    Rotors, rings, plates and sprockets for power steering pumps, rack guides, couplings, gears and racks for locking and adjusting steering wheels.

  • Exhaust systems / EGR

    Inner and outer flanges, Hego sensor bosses, valve guides, cams, connecting rods, gears, spacers.

  • Oil pumps

    Gerotors, sprockets, pulleys, rings, rotors, housings, spacers.

  • Fuel pumps

    Rotors, plates, stators, housings, gerotors, counterweights.

  • Shock absorbers

    End cylinders, pistons, guides, discs. 

  • Comfort and Safety

    Components for seat regulation, air conditioning, doors, mirrors, cameras, seat belts, airbags, fans.

  • Automotive equipment

    Starter motors, components for actuators, inserts, water pump hubs and pulleys, parts of cooling systems and radiators, dampers, etc.

  • Household appliances / Home fitting

    Gears, couplings, counterweights, compressor plates, pistons and connecting rods, components for awnings, blinds, doors, windows, sundry electrical appliances.

  • Industrial applications

    Plumbing fittings, lawnmowers, locks, maintenance equipment, industrial machinery, agricultural machinery, medical, trains, personal care, industrial pumps, etc.


Structural steel parts

Sintered structural steel parts are indispensable components of many industrial and construction projects. They are manufactured using the sintering process, which allows you to create a strong and load-resistant steel structure with high precision and complex geometry.

The process of sintering structural steel parts involves heating the metal to a high temperature, then cooling it in a controlled manner to obtain the desired strength and structure. This process ensures the welding of parts together and the formation of a uniform and single structural part.

Sintered steel structural parts have numerous advantages. They have high strength, which allows them to withstand significant loads and maintain their structure even under heavy loads. They also have excellent resistance to external influences such as corrosion, wear and friction, making them durable and wear-resistant.

Sintered steel structural parts are widely used in construction, mechanical engineering, automobile industry, marine shipbuilding and other industries. They are used to create bridges, building structures, vehicles, frames, frames and many other elements that require high strength and reliability.

Thanks to their properties, sintered steel structural parts allow you to create stable and safe structures that can withstand heavy loads and ensure the durability of the structure or mechanism. They are an important element in construction and industrial areas where safety and reliability are priority factors.